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Bird and Associates, Inc., has over 30 years of experience in the recruitment and placement of professional and technical talent for the general manufacturing and service industry.  Our staff of highly qualified professional and technical recruiters are able to provide you unique service that will enhance and facilitate your employment needs in today’s ever changing work environment.

For Our Candidates …… we like to think of ourselves as your agent or counselor.  We pride ourselves on our ability to evaluate your current situation and to provide you with a realistic approach to your job search.  Through our proven and comprehensive service of evaluation, we are able to define an appropriate plan of action  that is tailored to you and one that will assist you in achieving your desired goals relative to a sound career opportunity.  Additionally, through our service, we provide you with time tested techniques that will help to ensure that your next career move is a positive one that will be a benefit to you and your new employer.

For Our Clients …… we offer you a comprehensive professional recruiting service that is designed to meet and exceed your expectations regarding your need for qualified, dependable and professional talent that will help to enhance your current workforce and ensure a solid infrastructure that will benefit your company and your clients as well.  Additionally, through our employment network, we are able to respond efficiently and effectively to any employment need that you may have.  Bird and Associates, Inc., is totally committed to building a relationship with your Company that will add value to your current and future employment structure.